In Memory of Keith Shuck

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Hello all BFAPAM Group Members, Committee and Observers.
Most of you will remember Keith Shuck, IAM RoadSmart examiner.

Ruth & Keith

Keith passed away on 23rd April 2020. He was an examiner for over 41 years, and he was also a motorcycle examiner for SLAM (South Lancs Advanced Motorcycles) since 1997. I first got to know Keith in 1972 when he was a Blackpool Police Motorcyclist. I was working for Poulton Kawasaki Centre at the time. When that closed down, I lost contact with Keith but our paths did cross over the years but I always looked on him as a friend (mainly because he never booked me for any offence, even though he saw me just going over the speed limit now and again).
In 1988 Keith took a local lad on his Advanced Driving Test and passed him with flying colours. This lad was a gentleman by the name of Donald Hunt, shortly after his test Keith contacted Donald and suggested starting an IAM Group in Blackpool, So the two of them (both rather young at the time) established Blackpool and Fylde Advanced Motorists (BAFAM). They put an advert in the local Gazette and they were quite surprised to have more than 50 people turn up for the introductory evening and had to get help from neighbouring groups such as Chorley and Preston.
Donald became BAFAM Chairman and after his retirement he was elected Group President.
Keith was always available to give guidance and advice to the Group, and he would give talks to members and advice to Observers. Keith would attend events that were being held in the old BAFAM MDU (caravan) see next picture.

Donald Hunt BAFAM Chair 2nd left.
The BIG bloke in the middle is Keith Shuck.

Myself and BFAPAM Group Secretary Judith used to spend a lot of time at Keith’s house and eating out with his wife Ruth along with Tyson, their faithful dog.

Keith, Ruth and Tyson.

I would spend many an hour looking after all his cars including Classics, Veteran and Vintage.

1933 Morris Cowley.
1972 Triumph Stag.

Keith also had quite a few other cars and every one he told me was going to be his last.

He bought a very nice Honda Goldwing 1520cc

Keith was well known for his great garden Soiree’s every summer on other special occasions such as Ruth’s birthday.
Many people were invited to these and Keith and Ruth did a fabulous job with food and entertainment.

Keith would also arrange events such as driving large vehicles,
The next pictures were taken at Weeton Army base in about 2002:

Judith Godbert Trucking at Weeton Camp.
Robert Rheubottom Trucking at
Weeton Camp.

This particular event that Keith arranged at Weeton enabled drivers to get behind the wheels of a coach and lorries from Castle Cement. This was well attended by Group members from BAFAM and SLAM. At one point, Keith left his camera on the wheel arch of a cement lorry – it was still there unharmed when the driver got back! Robert was a Senior Observer and Associate Co-Ordinator with BAFAM.
Judith did have a PCV driver’s licence but she went in for her IAM Advanced commercial certificate. Her examiner was Keith and I heard that he took her through Great Eccleston village driving round the very narrow streets and roads, a bit small for such a large coach. At one point when she hesitated moving out of a junction, Keith was heard to mutter “just get on with it”. She did pass this test.

Keith leaves behind his wife Ruth and two sons Leigh and Darrell.

Keith’s funeral was held on the 13th May 2020.
His funeral cortege was escorted by a Blackpool Police Motorcyclist through Staining Village where many people gathered to pay their last respects. All four village flags were flying at half mast and members of Lancashire Blood Bikes waited at the village hall.
His ashes were brought home by a Police Motorcyclist – he would have loved that!
Keith will be missed by many.

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