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Improve your driving skills and confidence, become an advanced driver with the Blackpool, Fylde and Preston Advanced Motorists group.

Welcome to Blackpool Fylde and Preston Advanced Motorists (BFAPAM), your local official provider for the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving course, covering the Blackpool, Fylde and Preston area.

BFAPAM covers the FY and PR postcodes in the Blackpool and Preston area, along with Wyre and Fylde boroughs, offering training on urban roads, motorways and winding country lanes.

We have over 35 years of advanced driving experience and are one of 200 affiliated groups across the country. Our aim is to promote a higher standard of driving by means of the Advanced Driving Test and through contributing to education and research.

BFAPAM is an independent charity, affiliated to IAM RoadSmart which is a registered UK charity, formed in 1956, previously known as the Institute of Advanced Motorists.
The charity has spent more than 67 years making our roads safer by improving driver and rider skills through coaching and education. The charity is supported by over 180 local groups, staffed by volunteers who have qualified as Observers to deliver the Advanced Driving Course in their area.

BFAPAM courses run three times a year.  For more information, please contact our Group Secretary, Judith Godbert, or visit the IAM RoadSmart website where you can book a course online.

What do we offer?

Free Taster sessions:
We offer one hour ‘taster’ sessions which are designed to introduce the driver to the IAM RoadSmart Driving course. These sessions are conducted by one of our experienced Observers, and following a short briefing on what to expect, are conducted on rural, urban and motorway roads. They are free and are an excellent way to have your driving assessed.

Refresher Drives:
We offer one hour ‘refresher’ sessions for current IAM RoadSmart members. Again, these are conducted by one of our experienced Observers and are free. A good way of ensuring your advanced driving skills are up to date.

Note: We require that you sign a Document Declaration form prior to completing the above drives. This states that your current driving licence is valid, and that you have the appropriate insurance for the vehicle you intend to use, have valid MOT (if applicable) and your vehicle is taxed.

The Advanced Driving Course.

What does it cost?
– Our Advanced Driving Course costs just £175.00 (subject to change).

What does the Advanced Driving Course include?
– A copy of the IAM RoadSmart ‘Associate Driver Course – Associates Logbook’ containing everything you need for the course, although we do recommend you purchase a current copy of ‘The Highway Code’ and ‘Know Your Traffic Signs’ both available from good booksellers, to compliment your learning.

– At least 15 hours of one-to-one guidance (for the average person) through the practicalities of the course in your own car over 12 weeks. There are no additional costs if you need more guidance.

– The IAM RoadSmart Test fee and IAM RoadSmart Associate Membership. This includes one year’s Associate Membership of Blackpool, Fylde And Preston Advanced Motorists Group.

Why should you take an
Advanced Driving Course with us?

– Potential savings on insurance premiums
– Save on fuel costs, and less wear and tear on your vehicle
– Enjoy your driving more, by driving at a higher level
– Develop your driving skills
– Be safer on the roads
– Be a more relaxed driver, and less stressed

You will become more aware of other road users and how to adapt to the ever changing road, traffic and weather conditions.

Our courses typically commence in January, May and September.

Again, you will be expected to sign our Document Declaration form stating that all your vehicle paperwork is in date, ie: Driving Licence, Mot (if applicable) tax and insurance.

New drivers are most welcome to join us, but ideally should have held a driving licence for a minimum of 3 months, making an Advanced Driving Course a ‘must’ if you feel that you were taught to pass the test rather than to drive with confidence and skill!

The Advanced Driving Assessment:

This lasts for about 90 minutes – and typically covers a distance of 30-40 miles.

It covers urban, country and motorway, and during the assessment you will need to display consistent and competent driving techniques.

The Assessment is usually conducted by a serving or retired Police Class 1 Driver.
For more information on the above contact Judith on

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Group number: 5200.  Registered charity number: 1015977.